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Experiences and Experiments. How can we live in today whilst striving to do the extraordinary tomorrow? This blog shares some of Dianne’s journey to be both Mars-ready and Dianne 2.0 today. 

1. Sleep – follow the sheep to read more.

  • Sleep - read more!
This is a year-long experiment touching on aspects of health, the environment and society. 2017 has 52 weeks, yet has 53 Sundays, each a point of reflection and learning during the experiment. What can you achieve and learn in a month of Sundays? Follow Dianne’s experiment on Instagram or Medium.  

Health – No grains, no sugar


Environment – Zero single-use plastic


Society – Alcohol free

Dianne McGrath

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Out of office message: I’m attending a fully experiential conference for the next 3-days. Catch you on the other side!

Out of office m...

I’m continuing to track my various daily metrics for the week following the conclusion of my 10-day double cryo experiment at @alchemycryo to assess how sustained the response is. This includes HRV, sleep, wellbeing/mood, weight (total, %body fat, water weight, bone mass, skeletal muscle mass, %visceral fat etc), pain scores, range of motion, cognitive function, vision, blood glucose and ketones. I’m impressed to see my cognitive function score has continued to rise. And instead of showing you the score trend, I thought I’d show you where that places me amongst all people who have performed this test ever. In some of the other cognitive domains I’m even further along the right-hand tail. My point in sharing this is not to say I’m clever; or that cryo is the causative factor of my increasing mental capacity (although this score, my increasing deep sleep & high ketones while maintaining exercise on a ketogenic diet would support that hypothesis). It is to highlight that while I may already have good cognitive function (or good anything), I am capable of being so much more across a multitude of domains. Aren’t we all?! #10daysonice #cryo #cryotherapy #experiment #sustained #results #alchemycryo #cognitivefunction #brain #capacity #keto #exercise #ketones #deep #sleep #nolimits #bestmeicanbe #Dianne2.0 #measurements #managewhatyoumeasure #statistics #HRV #sleep #wellbeing #mood #weight #pain #rangeofmotion #vision #ketones

I’m continuing ...

It’s the final day of my 10-day double cryo experiment at @alchemycryo. Thanks to all who have taken this participatory journey with me (and for all the playlist suggestions). I’ve chosen David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ for the song I’ll use for my first 3 min session today. My second session will be in silence again. To me Bowie’s song represents who we already are, and what others wish for us and can enable within us. A sense of transformation. While I’m yet to have my post-experiment blood tests done and other assessments, it’s been a fascinating personal journey. A little bit transformative in its own right. I hope it has been of interest to you all, and I look forward to sharing the test results once I have them back and have analysed and interpreted them. In the mean time, thanks Mr Bowie for these thoughts on how we often wish for others to be the remarkable creatures we know them innately to be. “I wish you could swim Like the dolphins Like dolphins can swim”. #10daysonice #cryo #cryotherapy #experiment #AlchemyCryo #song #music #playlist #DavidBowie #Heroes #transformation #bestmeicanbe #journey #Dianne2.0

It’s the final ...

Looks like I’ll be super chilled out to Madonna’s ‘Frozen’ during my first Cryo Session today. I can’t believe it’s day 9 of my 10-day double cryo experiment at @alchemycryo. Crazy! One day left after today. 😥 #10daysonice #cryo #cryotherapy #experiment #alchemycryo #playlist #song #music #madonna #frozen #superchilled

Looks like I’ll...

This classic will be playing during my first Cryo session today at @alchemycryo. An offline vote came in from a non-Instagram user who is interested ed in this journey. Speaking of journey - it’s crazy to think this is now day 8 of my 10-day double cryo experiment! Where has the time gone? Crazy! Speaking of crazy - I’m going to use my second session today to delve into my mind meditatively, and not have any music playing. Just Be there. In the cold. And do some breathwork. Let you know how that goes. #10daysonice #cryo #cryotherapy #experiment #alchemycryo #playlist #music #summerinthecity #classic #meditate #breathwork #thebestmeicanbe #Dianne2.0

This classic wi...

Finished day 7 of my 10-day double cryo experiment at @alchemycryo on the exercise bike as always! I also get on the bike and the arm bike in between the two cryo sessions to bring my body temp back up quickly so I can go back in again. Today’s body temperature change for session 1 was 34.9 degrees Celsius prior to stepping in, then down to 7.3 degrees stepping out. Then 5-10 or so minutes on the bikes and I went back in to session 2 with a body temp of 32 degrees, stepping out of the cryo chamber at my record low of 3 degrees. I love the feeling on the bike after the second sessions. My body is so alive and energised from the cold that when I start to let warmth flood through it, it leads to an euphoric feeling. One that usually stays for some time afterwards when I’m walking to and getting on the train home. I think I’m a nicer person in those moments. #10daysonice #cryo #cryotherapy #experiment #AlchemyCryo #exercise #bike #warmup #cooldown #makeupyourmind #euphoria #nice #betterme #bestmeicanbe #Dianne2.0

Finished day 7 ...