Dianne 2.0

Experiences and Experiments. How can we live in today whilst striving to do the extraordinary tomorrow? This blog shares some of Dianne’s journey to be both Mars-ready and Dianne 2.0 today.
1. Boosting Brain Function
2. Super Strong – Super Fast (in 12 minutes a week!)
3. VO2 Max – how can you be cold and healthy?
4. Sleep – follow the sheep to read more.

  • 1. Brain boost!
  • 2. Should I even lift, bro?
  • 3. It's cold inside...
  • 4. Sleep - read more!
This is a year-long experiment touching on aspects of health, the environment and society. 2017 has 52 weeks, yet has 53 Sundays, each a point of reflection and learning during the experiment. What can you achieve and learn in a month of Sundays? Follow Dianne’s experiment on Instagram or Medium.  

Health – No grains, no sugar


Environment – Zero single-use plastic


Society – Alcohol free

Dianne McGrath

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Check out this guy! @mighty_ginge & me were live at @thehawkecentre tonight in Adelaide. Had such fun exploring the future of human exploration of mars together. #mars #space #futuremartians #joshrichards #exploration #thehawkecentre

Check out this ...

I’m now a cyborg for the next 3 months. Attached my first @freestylelibretr sensor to my body, and will be scanning it to monitor my glucose extremely regularly throughout this 3-month experiment. Three diets in three months while focusing on strength training. Month 1 starts today. #selfexperiment #diet #health #lifestyle #nequals1 #FreeStyleLibre #glucose #3m3w #3months3ways #paleo #keto #carnivore #strength #training #Month1 #itbegins #measureit #cyborg #transhumanism

I’m now a cybor...

My challenge today: eat this much kale! That’s 250g kale. Thank goodness the current housesit has a fabulous large balcony garden with all the greens I need. For someone who has nary seen a vegetable pass their lips for the last 3-4 months, this is still a mountain to climb! I’m thinking I’ll roast it to make kale chips then it reduces in size dramatically. And go brilliantly with the lamb shanks and roast sweet potatoes (Also a 250g mound!). #vegetables #kale #goinggreen #notwithenvy #experiment #diet #wayoflife #3months3ways #3M3W #eatyourgreens #paleo #lowinflammation #challengeaccepted

My challenge to...

I usually don’t share my blood test results as that’s personal information, but I wanted to share this current picture to illustrate a point, and ask the questions: Do we actually need to supplement as often as we think? Is what we’ve been traditionally told right for us individually? In the past I’ve supplemented here and there on the assumption I was deficient in certain macronutrients. And that may have been the case on occasion. I also used to seek certain foods as I was told they were high in certain micronutrients. I had not thoroughly assessed if my body was truly deficient. This blood profile from my pre-experiment tests done a couple of days ago tells a very interesting story. Every single one of these results is in the normal or healthy range, potassium and calcium included. What is interesting about this is the fact that I have not supplemented or consumed anywhere near the RDI’s of calcium or potassium for at least 3-4 months. And in fact over the last 3-4 months I’ve hardly eaten a single vegetable or any other plant-based food, nor have I consumed much dairy (mostly goats cheese - I should have shared in @meredithdairy; butter and heavy cream). My body has been obtaining the nutrients it needs from the food I have provided. As I enter the start of a new 3-month experiment, I will be monitoring these metrics monthly as I transition from one ‘diet’ or way of eating to another, all while focusing on strength training. The first month starts this weekend for me, and will see me increasing the vegetable content in my diet dramatically as I play with a higher protein, slightly higher carb (yes, I’ll not be Keto this month), and and moderately high dietary fat based diet. It’ll take a week or so till I settle on the ratios, but you can bet leafy greens will dominate the veg, and lamb will be king! The lesson I got out of seeing my own blood results: don’t supplement unless you actually need to. Spend the money on real food, and by real food I’m talking whole food/unprocessed. #eatrealfood #health #diet #paleo #keto #carnivore #blood #tests #calcium #potassium #micronutrients #questionstatusquo #dontbelievethehype #mybodymychoice #individuality

I usually don’t...

Yeah. That’s Why! Thanks to the team at @brio_emporium for optioning up my short black @bulletproof coffee with not only brain octane and grass fed unsalted butter, but also with @atpscience vanilla caramel collagen. Nomnomnom. #eatthefat #drinkthefat #dontfearfat #brio #brioemporium #GC #keto #lchf #banting #coffee #BPC #bulletproofcoffee #bulletproof #EatBrighterLiveLighter #nomnom #allthenoms #why #whynot #thatswhy

Yeah. That’s Wh...

This is called the black screen of death. And it is not something desirable at the end of the first day of a 4-day PhD writing retreat. Sigh 🙁 it appears to be a hardware issue too, so none of the sneaky ‘hold every key down at once’ type stuff works. Dr Google and the Apple help desk are exhausted. I’ll just roll with it and attend to a repair tomorrow morning. Thankfully I back up my PhD in the cloud and on an external drive every time I work on it. But still..... #blackisnotbeautiful #blackscreenofdeath

This is called ...