This is a year-long experiment touching on aspects of health, the environment and society.

2017 has 52 weeks, yet has 53 Sundays, each a point of reflection and learning during the experiment.

What can you achieve and learn in a month of Sundays?

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Health – No grains, no sugar


Environment – Zero single-use plastic


Society – Alcohol free

Dianne McGrath

Instagram: @damcgrath

#53Sundays #health #nograins #nosugar There are a couple of countries that have introduced a sugary drinks tax. Mexico & Hungary are the leaders in this area. Why sugary drinks? They are known to contribute to a good portion of the nutritionally void calories we consume. And often are the largest source of added sugar in our diets. I won’t bang on about sugar and obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular health, brain function etc. this recent radio article on the @abcnews_au explores the ethics of a sugar tax in Australia: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/sundayextra/2017-11-12/9131202 The biggest concern is equity. How easy is it to buy unhealthy food cheaply vs healthful food? I’m fortunate in that I have housesat in places where this has been possible most of the time. But that’s not the case for all Australians. A sugary soft drink is an easy target though, as it is not necessary in our diets. Taxing soft drinks in Mexico saw a marked reduction in their consumption. That can only be good for the long term health of those individuals, and their nation. In the mean time, we are educated enough to be able to choose. I have gone this entire year with no sugary drinks - not even s tonic water for a gin (no gin for that matter!!), and I’ve survived. More than that, I know that I no longer seek sweet treats. It’s been an interesting journey. But I recognise some people find addictions like sugar hard to break. So perhaps regulatory tools like sugar taxes or subsidising whole food may help. It’s time to discuss this for our nation’s future. ##53Sundays #50down #3togo #sugarfree #tax #drinks #ethics #equity #health #food #ABC #choice #carrotorstick #addiction (Image source Getty Images/ABC)

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This may not look like much. This is just me sitting cross-legged on the floor. What you may not know is that I’ve not been able to do this since early childhood. My right knee and hip were always stiff and tight (maybe because I was squished up with my twin brother for 9 months prior to first appearing in this world? Who knows!). So I found other ways to sit. And as an adult I tried to avoid sitting on the floor as it would hurt. Over the past couple of years the more I learnt about what our body is capable of, and our capacity to adjust our commonly poor alignment to allow w our body to move more freely, the more I realised I was in control. And that I had allowed that control to be driven by ‘I can’t...’, ‘I’ve always been like that...’, ‘it’s just how I was born....’, ‘it hurts to do that...’ and more. Well guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way. I realised that I’m capable of slow and persistent change and progress. Of going back to the start (with a few tears at times). Of learning new things and not limiting myself by the past. Of not letting a failed attempt or two be the last attempt. Of being open to new ideas, no matter how ‘woo woo’ or against my historic beliefs they may be. Of primarily and principally believing I am capable of change. To reverse around 48 years of thinking and poor alignment has taken time. Always more time than you think. And it took being ‘comfortable’ with pain and knowing when to push myself and when not to. But I thought if I can make myself even a little better.... then squeezing into a tiny landing module for a few days on Mars if needs be will be easy-peasy. #change #time #theartofthepossible #sit #believe #believeinyourself #control #selfefficacy #Ican #limits #nolimits #whatareyoucapableof

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#53Sundays #society #noalcohol What did I do for TGIF Happy Hour this week? Well I’m on a self-imposed PhD writing retreat in the country, so I’ve been crunching numbers & writing all day/week. Like all good PhD candidates, the last action at the end of the day is to back up your work! So that’s what I did. While not as stress reducing or relaxing as other pursuits, it is certainly stress AVOIDING as I think I would faint if I lost the last 3-4 years of my research work! Ha ha! I will take a stroll when it finishes backing up though 😉 #preventionisbetterthancure #backitup #PhDlife #stressavoidance #nostress #noworries #writeymcwriteface #statsnerd #TGIF #HappyHour

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The team at @toherdoorletter recently published an interview with me about my @marsoneproject astronaut candidacy. You can find the article on their website: https://www.toherdoor.com.au/articles/dianne-mcgrath. When they asked me why I first applied for a one-way mission to Mars, my response was: “Wow what could we become? What is the incredible possibility of us as a species, of how we could survive on a planet, and how sustainable could we be?” It was the wonder of what is in the vast realm of possibility for us - as individuals and as a collective society. Can we be sustainable? Can we live as a united humanity where difference is respected and drawn from, as opposed to divisive? Can we live as part of a world and not separated from it, understanding we are intricately connected to it? Can we seek to be the better part of ourselves, no matter what that looks like? #TheArtofThePossible #MarsOne #OneWay #Mars100 #ToHerDoor #DianneMcGrath #Mars #whatcanwebe #motivation #equality #possibility #sustainability #difference #better #humanity #oneworld #wonder

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I’m doing @nutritiousmovement’s Squat Advent Calendar because, well you wouldn’t expect me to do anything ‘normal’ right? Just ‘natural’ - like movement! Day 4 of the Calendar was a SLOW walk uphill with others. Ok, as I’m on a solitary writing retreat, I lacked the ‘others’ part, so I listened to educational and thought provoking podcasts. Hills: no worries. I’m in a cliff/coastal region, so there’s pleeeeenty of hills. Up and down grassy hills and sand dunes. How slow was slow? I walked 1.83km in 58:22. A cracking pace of 1.9kph. HAHAHA! For someone who has ran innumerable races, this was HARD! And it was harder not to speed up when other runners, walkers, cyclists, surfers, and dogs passed me. Hehe. Instead of frustrating me, I went with the whole experience. Proprioceptor workout fir sure. It was also the most mindful thing I’ve ever done. Try walking that slowly. It leads you to notice EVERYTHING around you. The dozen or so different bird species soaring between trees, insects jumping between blades of grass, the random angles of those blades, new growth appearing on tree limbs, the differing temperature of the tidal wash along the beach (when I eventually got there), and more. I already meditate at least once a day. This was something else. Thanks Katy for challenging my musculature while freeing my mind and spirit to be. #nutritiousmovement #squat #adventcalendar #hills #podcast #beach #cliffs #ocean #sand #nature #grass #mindfulness #meditation #present #birds #insects #trees #KatySays #naturalnotnormal #slow

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FINALLY! Some ☀️. Lunch break outside on this ‘summer’’s day. Love the Aussie bush. There’s nothing quite like gum trees and magpies. #straya #lunch #food #outdoors #nature #sun #bush #gumtrees #magpies #summer

FINALLY! Some ☀...