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Mars One aims to establish the first permanent human settlement on Mars. Focusing on environmental conservation, sustainable practice, cultural diversity and inclusiveness; this non-profit, international endeavour is leading the way both on this planet and others! Recently, Mars One announced a multi-million dollar funding agreement with investors. By boldly pinning her aspirations to the wall in applying to be an astronaut in this incredible mission, Dianne hopes to encourage others to take their next giant leap forward, whatever it may be!

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Along with 6 other Australians, Dianne is one of the ‘Mars 100’ international astronaut candidates.

    • 2013


      Over 200,000 begin the application process for a one way ticket to Mars.

    • 2013

      Round 1

      Applicants are narrowed to a pool of just over 1,000 hopeful individuals.

    • 2014

      Round 2 (stage 1)

      Rigorous medical tests select applicants down to fewer than 700.

    • 2015

      Round 2 (stage 2)

      After a final character assessment interview, there are just 100 hopefuls worldwide – ‘The Mars 100’.

    • 2020

      Rounds 3 & 4

      Coming soon. The 100 undergo intense selection to become the 24 final astronauts to train for 10+ years to be ready to live on Mars permanently.


Mars One Astronaut Candidate

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